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Best Gifts For Campers

This is the ultimate guide to help you find the best gifts for campers. Let’s get into a camper’s brain and their surroundings so that we can come up with the best gift ideas for campers.

Ah, the great outdoors, to smell the clear, clean air, to hear the hoot of the owl and the cry of the coyote, that is what it is to be in the great outdoors. Camping underneath a blanket of stars with no heavy sounds of traffic, cars or sirens anywhere near is a pure pastime and a rendezvous with nature. Singing and roasting smores and telling ghost stories by the camp fire with Dad and brothers, brothers in arms, girls scouts, boy scouts, or just a gang of buddies, that is the camping scene in a nutshell.

Best Gifts For Campers

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There are so many reasons to get back in touch with the natural beauty that once surrounded mankind, until things became so highly commercial that there is only one thing to hear or see and that would be the sound of the crickets chirping as the wood snaps while the fire burns. Singing favorite songs, hootenanny under the Milky Way, and kids camping out in the backyard, it is a chance to master fishing and hunting skills. For a dinner of roasted rabbit, or some a trout caught with a few tools necessary for hunting or fishing this is dinner instead of bringing home fries and a big mac.

That is the usual mindset of a camper and they enjoy doing and experiencing all that. Now, lets say they are about to celebrate birthday or there is a holiday coming up and you want to make a camper happy by giving a gift. But, you are unsure what are the best gift ideas for campers. You are fortunate to bump into this article because we are now about to give you 5 best gift ideas for campers in 2019 and beyond!

Yeti Roadie 20 cooler – Top gift for campers in 2019

Taking lots of goodies for drinking, snacking and picnicking is a reason to find the best camp coolers available for such camping trips. The Yeti Roadie 20 cooler will really do the family or group justice. It is made for a long lifetime of camping adventures with its fabulous construction. It has UV resistant material so that leaving it out in the sun for trips does not shorten its life. It is also made with PermaFrost insulation to keep things cool for several days.

The Coleman 54 Quart Steel-Belted Cooler is another great choice for campers. It is the standard attractive steel design that is durable and very easy to keep clean. It also has been used for over fifty years and has a track record of functional durability and service. There is lots of room for all the food, medicine, and drinks for that family reunion in the wilderness.

Survival Knife – Great gift idea for campers in 2019

No matter where the camping takes place, having a good Survival knife is very essential to a successful adventure in the wilderness. Those who love camping will need a survival knife as it is a tool for doing many things. Depending on the type of survival knife, different tasks can be done. The fixed blade survival knife folds and is very handy for putting in pockets. The hinge will be a liability, however, as they can break there. Folding knives also have a thinner blade that is not as strong. Giving up durability for convenience is necessary with a folding knife.

A survival knife with a full tang or steel as the blade continues from the top of the blade to the end of the handle of the knife. These are some of the most durable survival knives. There are those with a partial tang which can break under too much stress.

The nonslip handle is another consideration when shopping for a good survival knife. Rather than getting a pretty knife, get one that is strong and well made. A good knife will fit the hand and will have a comfortable grip. The blade should also be fat compared to the average survival knife. This will allow the blade to last under most situations. The suggested thickness is 5/32 inches to 1/4 inches thick. A good survival knife is four to six inches long. The blade should also be easily sharpened in the field yet have a hardness on the edge to keep the knife solid. Some suggested knives are the KA-BAR USMC Utility Knife used in the military since World War II. The SOG Seal Team Knife is another favorite.


Sleeping Bags makes one of the best gifts for campers in 2019

Sleeping bags are essential for camping out in any type of weather. It is best to get one that is good for sub zero weather and wet weather. The price for sleeping bags ranges from $20 to several hundred dollars. You can get one that you can afford and give present to your camper friend or relative.

There are several brands which are widely popular for making sleeping bags. Teton and Coleman are the Industry’s leaders. They make sleeping bags for wide rage of prices and chances are they already have something that will fall under your budget.

Sleeping bags are the best gifts for campers, no doubt about that.


Backpacks is a solid gift idea for campers in 2019

Campers really need useful backpacks for packing everything from pots, dishes and food to spare underwear and first aid kit. There are many camping backpacks brands like Jansport, High sierra, Teton sports, etc. Most of them comes with various sizes and has various price range. Most of these backpacks fits everything for the trip and is designed for outdoor, when a camper will spend many days on the camping trail. This will make a great gift for camping enthusiast.

See a great backpack for campers

So, these gifts will make a camper happy. These are solid gift options if your camper beloved is celebrating birthday, holiday, anniversary or some important event.

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