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Best Gifts For Drummers

Before you chose the best gift for drummers, you should try to get into their world. Let’s start by doing that!

Why do drummers drum? Well, for some drummers it’s something they feel compelled to do by a force or power within them that can’t be stopped or denied. Even at rest, they drum their fingers, toes, knives, forks, kitchen utensils – whatever comes into their hands becomes an expression of rhythm. Even when their hands are empty, body parts start snapping, tapping, stamping out a rhythm that can’t be contained.

The language of rhythm is often the way drummers connect to themselves and others, and some drummers relate going into an almost semi-hypnotic or trance state in which they feel an almost spiritual connection with the others they are playing with. For many drummers, hammering and tapping out rhythm together creates an indescribable non-verbal vehicle for communication, collaboration and interaction within the group. Some describe the experience as being about as intimate with a group as a person can be while still having their clothes on.

Many drummers find it difficult to put into words what slides so easily into rhythms and they find a sense of emotional well being when they are sitting behind a kit. To them, rhythms are conversations and they are where drummers express themselves best. From the soft, intimate, whispering caresses of a brush on a cymbal to the hard, heavy, primal pounding of a bass kick, drummers say everything from “I love you” to “I hate you” to “I love you so bad I hate you” with sticks and pedals and rhythms.

Sometimes finding the perfect gift for a drummer can be difficult. So to help out those that don’t speak the language of rhythm, here are four great gift ideas for drummers that will help you show the drummer in your life how much you value and cherish them. Also, since drummers will often not be able to explain why something is important, we’ve also listed the reasons why these gifts are actually important to drummers. Find out the best gifts for drummers in 2019 below!

Headphones- Best gift for professional drummers in 2019

Drummers will often wear headphones when playing with a band, because the drummer is – obviously – the rhythm section, but the percussionist’s job is not actually to keep the beat for them, it’s to keep the beat with them. Human beings aren’t machines and we don’t come with built in odometers or metronomes (both of which regulate speed), so humans have a tendency to speed up or slow down without even realizing it.

A band’s primary job is to stay together, so when one person messes up and slows down, the band can’t just keep moving forward, they have to slow down to meet the pace of the one that lagged behind. As the primary driving force behind the rhythm, its the drummer’s job to keep everyone together. The never ending dilemma for a drummer is to decide whether or not to keep tempo when the band slows down and let them change to match the drummer, or whether to change tempo to match the band.

In order to even be able to make this decision, however, they have to be able to hear what is going on with the entire band. But needless to say, drums are very loud, and the person closest to the drums is the drummer. Therefore, drummers will often wear headphones to mute the sound of their own drums so they can hear what the rest of the band is doing. They will also sometimes wear them during long practice sessions to also mute their own sounds.

Other times, however, drummers will wear headphones simply to keep people from interrupting them. In that situation, they aren’t wearing them for any practical purpose, but simply as a means of creating space for themselves to create, think, dream or plan – all of which drummers seem to do best when they are doing what comes so naturally to them.

If the lucky person is a professional, you can be assured that this is a perfect gift for a drummer.


Drumset Keychain – Best gift idea for drummer in 2019

This is a small but treasured token for any drummer. Like most musicians and other artists, drummers have a tendency to put all of their money towards their instruments. They rarely spend money on anything that doesn’t directly affect their ability to hammer, finesse or pound out a beat. But that doesn’t mean they don’t love small tokens that allow them to express to the world their love of all things percussive. A drumset keychain is a perfect small, inexpensive token of appreciation to show you speak a drummer’s language and value and appreciate the very unique beat they walk to.

If you are a girl in love with a drummer, this is one of the best gift for drummer boyfriend!


Personalized drumsticks with the receiver’s name engraved- Best present for drummers in 2019

Best Gifts For Drummers

This can be a tricky one if you are purchasing a pair of drumsticks for a musician to actually use, as drummers tend to be very picky about their sticks. Walk into any well stocked music shop to purchase a pair of drumsticks and the sheer enormity of the selection available may stop you in your tracks. Drumsticks vary in the choice of wood, each of which makes a slightly different sound. Beyond that, they come in different sizes, weights and balances just for starters. Then there are sticks made of different materials, such as carbon fibre, aluminum, graphite, fiberglass and plastic. Then there are long lines of signature sticks from professional drummers, sticks with LED lights that illuminate on impact or ergonomic sticks that fit the contours of a drummer’s hand.

So, if you’re looking for a stick that a drummer is actually going to use, you may have to gather a good deal of information about what their preferences are. On the other hand, drummers tend to carry a selection of sticks to choose from, so if you at least get them in the right size, they may love to experiment with the new sound the new sticks create. However, much like the drumset keychain, you can also give a drummer personalized sticks simply for sentimental value by just having them engraved and framed.


Drum throne – Top gift for drummers in 2019

A drum throne is the small stool that drummers sit on behind a kit. Much like sticks, drummers can be picky about their thrones, but not as picky as they are about their sticks, particularly as they are extremely adjustable. Drum thrones come in a number of price ranges, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find one to fit your budget – whatever that may be. This is one of the best gift to give a drummer.


Those are some of the best gifts for drummers on multiple occasions like birthday, holiday, anniversary, etc.

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