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Unique, Best Gifts For Elderly Senior Citizens

It seems like selecting a gift should be a pretty simple task, but it can actually be fairly complicated as psychological factors often come into play when trying to find just the right present. Finding the right gift for a senior citizen can be even more challenging, as those in their 60s, 70s and beyond have typically scaled back the size of their living spaces as well as the amount of their personal belongings. Additionally, many seniors have moved into group homes or assisted living facilities that have limited space for personal belongings. All of this can make the process of giving a gift to the elderly somewhat tricky.

When selecting the best gift for a senior citizen parent, grandfather or grandmother, it is important to consider how the gift will impact and improve their quality of life. With this in mind it is important to focus on how the gift will add comfort and value to their life, instead of just being novel. However, none of this means the gifts have to be boring. If you are having a difficult time coming up with practical, but fun, idea of what to get the elder on your list, we will suggest you the best gifts for senior citizens that you can get in 2018. These gifts ideas for senior citizens will be suitable in any occasions be it their birthday, any major holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Unique, Best Gifts For Elderly Senior Citizens

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Watches with Vibrating Alarms- Unique gift for senior citizens in 2018

Many of the watches on today’s market are geared towards the younger generation, but there are also numerous watches that are well suited to not only fit, but help a senior who may find it hard to remember their daily routine with their time-sensitive life style. Bearing in mind that most seniors have medications they need to take on a regular schedule, as well as having multiple appointments they need to keep track of, a watch with a vibrating alarm is a one of the best gifts for senior citizens. Many watches have vibrating alarms that can be set to go off at the same time every day, reminding them to take their medications, or set to go off just once for appointments, like doctor’s visits. The vibrating alarm function is perfect for seniors who may have trouble hearing and for those who live in a group setting, so the alarm won’t disturb others when set to vibrate. Many watches also come with large lighted dials, making it easier on a elderly person with failing eyesight. Any beloved seniors will be happy to get watch with vibrating alarms and will sense the warmth


iPad makes awesome gift for elderly in 2018

An iPad is an all-in-one device that is in many ways made-to-order for seniors, having an easy to navigate touch screen and large font options. Staying connected with family and friends is important for seniors, and social media sites can help a senior expand their network and also keep abreast of current events. Additionally, an iPad is great for entertainment as well as managing their medications and playing games to keep their cognitive skills sharp. There are also many apps available for iPads that are ideal for seniors, such as WebMD for iPad, AARP Magazine, Skype and games.

AARP Magazine has the single largest circulation in the world and there is a free app making the magazine available on the iPad. Health can often be a preoccupation for seniors and the free WebMD app supplies a wealth of health information, including a directory of medical conditions with a symptom checker, a comprehensive listing of drugs, side effects and interactions with other drugs and listings of physicians, pharmacies and hospitals. The free iPod Skype app lets seniors keep in touch with family and friends across the country or around the world. Crossword puzzles are one of the best ways to keep the mind sharp and there is an iPad app to access puzzle form the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and King Features Crosswords. Our website has a list of best tablet for seniors.


Clothing- seniors love new clothes!

While giving clothing as a gift may sound like a boring option, consider that many seniors will go years without buying themselves a new outfit. Especially with today’s economy and living on a fixed income, many retired people must cut back on spending and the wardrobe is usually the first area they forgo spending money on. There are many options for clothing as a gift for seniors, but one of the most well received are articles that will keep them warm, such as sweaters.


“Light” Exercising Equipment- Sensible gift for seniors in 2018

As people age it is becomes increasingly more important for them to stay active. Exercise is crucial for seniors, as it not just keeps them active and vital, buy staying fit also helps prevent, or at least slows down, almost all medical conditions, such as heart disease, stroke, arthritis and many other common ailments that typically develop with age. There are many pieces of light exercise equipment that are ideal gifts for senior citizens, just remember the focus is on “light” exercise, and not overly strenuous activities that can cause the exact problems in seniors that you are trying to prevent. Gift examples include walking poles, a set of light hand weights, hand exercise balls, resistance bands, exercise mats and pedometers. One large piece of exercise equipment tailored made for seniors is a recumbent exercise bicycle, which is designed to be pedaled while sitting down.


Warm Comforters- Makes a great gift for your elderly recipient in 2018

Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important for seniors as it is for younger people and perhaps one of the most economical, and easiest, ways to give new life to your favorite senior’s bedroom is a new warm and cozy comforter. Comforters are great gifts as most seniors are prone to getting cold. Comforters come in various styles and designs, in sets with matching pillowcases and sheets, or alone and you can give a new comforter for every season. One of the best gifts for senior is a light and fluffy down comforter or heated model with temperature control.



These are some of the unique gifts that will make older people feel loved and cared. For any special occasions like birthdays, thanksgiving, christmas and anniversaries, these are some of the best choices to gift seniors.

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