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Unique, Best Gifts For Rock Climbers

A lot of people that enjoy rock climbing also enjoy getting similar gifts. This is because there is a lot of equipment that is used in this type of activity and in many cases, it can get very expensive for the individual in question when purchasing everything alone. This is especially true if you are purchasing everything at one time.

Rock climber do not mind getting gifts that are related to their hobby. So, if one of your loved one is a rock climber, below is a guide to purchase best gifts for rock climbers in 2019 who love to go rock climbing. You can take advantage of any special occasions like their birthdays, holidays like Christmas, thanksgiving, etc to give these unique gifts for rock climbers.

Camalot- Awesome gift that a rock climber will love

This device is often referred to as a cam. It is a piece of equipment that has either three or four lobes coupled with a spring loaded device. It is used to help rock climbers secure themselves when they are climbing, by placing the cams in the crevices of rocks. Because there are two different types of cams and these two types have a different amount of lobes, it is always a good idea to figure out which particular version the rock climber in your life prefers. It makes an ideal gift because it is relatively compact and it is also fairly easy to find. However, if you are purchasing this as a gift you can expect to go to a specialty store for rock climbing enthusiasts in order to find it. Once you make your decision, you can easily give it as a gift because it is much more manageable than some of the larger, heavier gifts that you could potentially purchase. Camalot really can be considered one of the best gifts for rock climbers.


Climbing Helmets- Great gift for rock climbers 2019

Anybody that loves to climb would undoubtedly love to have a custom made climbing helmet as a gift. These types of helmets are essential, especially for anyone that enjoys climbing at a more advanced level. You can choose to purchase a climbing helmet from a number of different manufacturers. However, you should make sure that the helmet you purchase is new and that it meets all the safety standards that are required. In addition, it is equally important to make sure that the helmet fits properly. If you really want to surprise someone, you can choose to have the helmet customized with graphics in order to reflect that person’s particular interests or to signify something special about their personality. Of course, if you are unsure about custom graphics you can always purchase a stock helmet and leave the rest up to them. However, most rock climbers would absolutely love to have a helmet that is completely unique to them.


Climbing Shoes- Climbing shoes will make the rock climbers happy and is some of the best gifts for rock climbers

Every person that climbs rocks needs to have at least one good pair of climbing shoes. The shoes have to be lightweight so that they do not unnecessarily weigh someone down but they also have to be supportive enough that they provide all day comfort, even under some of the most grueling circumstances imaginable. Ideally, they should provide protection against the elements while simultaneously being designed for comfort and reliability. Remember, these shoes will be worn for hours at a time and they will take a lot of punishment, so they have to be able to stand up to whatever is thrown at them.


Climbing Harness- unique gift idea for rock climbers in 2019

For anyone that is going to get really serious about rock climbing, a harness is a must. It is simply not safe to climb without one and when you advance to more difficult rock formations, it becomes imperative that you have a solid harness that is able to get the job done. If you choose to purchase a harness, make sure that you do not cut corners when it comes to the cost. This is a crucial safety item and it is absolutely essential that you purchase something that is top of the line and highly rated for safety as opposed to buying an economy version. Some harnesses are more comfortable than others, but the biggest key is ensuring that you purchase one that will allow your family member or friend to stay safe while they are pursuing the hobby that they love.


Climbing Gloves- One of the best gifts for rock climbers in 2019

If you or someone close to you tries to climb without gloves, that idea will go by the wayside fairly quickly. This is a common mistake that a lot of people make when they are just starting out as a rock climber and they quickly find out that their hands take a great deal of punishment without the right gloves. If you want to purchase climbing gloves for someone in your circle, you can find a lot of different options that would make a great gift. The biggest thing that you need to worry about when it comes to buying climbing gloves is to make sure that you are finding something that fits the individual in question and that provides comfort while simultaneously allowing them to have full dexterity. Typically, you can find gloves that are designed specifically for climbing that are adjustable so they fit hands of different sizes. You can also purchase them in a wide variety of different colors and patterns.


Unique, Best Gifts For Rock Climbers

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Coming to an end…

You could be thinking, “these are basic stuffs needed for this particular hobby, how can they possibly be gifts?”. All you have to do is order these items gift wrapped. Of course, you can give other things like flowers, gift baskets etc but, trust us, these are the items they will love to get as it matches their lifestyle as well as will be useful to them at all times. Every time they rock climbing after that, they will think about you once. :). We hope you found our recommended best gifts for rock climbers very helpful!

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